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At Oldaker Street Dental, the team aims to provide preventative check-ups and cleans to their patients to avoid the need for costly invasive treatment in the future. We recommend regular 6-12 monthly visits, where x-rays are routinely taken to identify decay or areas of concern.
The nerves inside our teeth can die as a result of decay, trauma or gum disease, and this often results in a toothache, pain to hot or cold food/drinks, or discolouration of the tooth.
In this instance, a patient may elect to retain their tooth and undergo a root canal treatment, or to simply have the tooth extracted.

Your dentist will discuss if root canal treatment is an option for you, and will explain the process and the associated costs.
For many people, dental treatment can be associated with anxiety. In severe cases, it may not be possible for an individual to undergo the treatment required. At Oldaker Street Dental, we offer nitrous oxide (sometimes called “Happy Gas”), which most people with severe procedural anxiety find hugely beneficial, enabling them to successfully complete their dental treatment. Speak to one of our friendly dentists if you feel nitrous oxide may be of benefit for you.
Teeth whitening is an excellent conservative approach which can improve your smile. Teeth become discoloured for many different reasons. Our dentists will happily discuss a whitening option best suited for you, feel free to ask them at anytime during your next visit.
Crowns, bridges and veneers may be used to improve the aesthetics of a smile. These options may also be indicated if a tooth has large areas of decay or is cracked, or if you have previously had root canal treatment.
We work with some of the best local and interstate dental laboratories to ensure our patients receive only the highest quality veneers and crowns, within each patients affordability.
At Oldaker Street Dental, we like to retain natural teeth wherever possible. However, there are instances where extraction of a tooth is clinically indicated, or simply the patient’s preference. 
Our dentists are experienced in both simple and surgical extractions, and whilst having a tooth extracted is unlikely to ever be a joyous experience, our team will always go above and beyond to ensure this experience is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.
Our team love caring for the smiles of your entire family, including the littlest members! We recommend a child’s first dental visit occur around 1 year if age, as this introduces them to the dental environment and develops positive associations with visiting the dentist, reducing procedural anxiety for any intervention required in the future.
We love to see our patients out playing sport and keeping fit (you may even see us there on the sideline cheering you on!). It is very important for both adults and children in contact sports to protect their teeth from trauma with a custom made mouthguard. Your hardest decision will be deciding on a colour!